Day 1 of the OOMMI…

Childhood Memories Series



Childhood Memory 1

and absolutely, messily true

Years and years ago, along the driveway (in The Country), grew huge cedar trees and at the base of some…grew poison ivy (and maybe poison oak).  ;A yard man spent some time cleaning around the cedars and at weeks end the ground was bare.  One day soon after The Child decided she wanted to watch for her friend the mailman…so she sat down under a cedar and leaned back.

She was wearing shorts


she was already known to be hyperallergic to

Poison Ivy/Poison Oak!

Within hours she had a huge rash patch on the back of her left thigh.  The itching was intense and of course she scratched (with dirty fingernails) (even though The Adults told her not to).  Calamine lotion, applied liberally, did NOT help. After a couple of days the back of her thigh was a pebbly, flaming red, itchy, oozing, smelly mess.

In time she healed.

Needless to say, she never sat under the cedars again.

Merry Monday!

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hello there…

I believe it must be teatotaler Tuesday

(whoops…make that teetotaler)

however, even though our subject is in Mrs. Treacher’s Tea Shoppe

I’m not entirely sure she’s just having tea

(maybe tea with just a drop or two of Lydia Pinkham‘s herbal/alcohol concoction)


I’ve been watching a lot of pre 1950s movies lately and one of the first things you notice is that the women wore hats (trust me, I was alive back then and it’s absolutely true).  Upper class, middle class, lower class, (almost) all women wore hats.  Men wore hats too but their’s were exceedingly less impressive than what the ladies wore.

Straw, felt, cloth,..bows, chiffon, jewels…feathers, flowers, ferns…big, small, and everything inbetween…

hats were happening

and to my mind one of the more interesting styles was the Cloche

which is what my snippy tea shoppe lady is wearing

so I say

vive le chapeau!!!

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from long ago and far away

once this was drawn and color penciled I decided it looked somewhat like a high school friend from years ago


This was taken with my little Canon Point and Shoot and, of course, edited in CPSP.  (To photograph, I hung it on a curtain with clothespins…note the upper left corner).

It appears my mind is running towards females who are drinking (see previous post), I have absolutely no idea about why this is.  I very rarely drink anymore, maybe one glass of wine at a family get together (alcohol contraindicated with one of the medications I take).  However, the other day I was thinking about how nice a finger of a good quality bourbon would taste.  Neat, no ice, no branch water…smooth!   Well there you go, perhaps this is the reason for my recent OOMMIs 🙂

Happy Monday

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Ein Prosit!


took this photo with my Canon Point and Shoot Camera…so much better for retaining even a tiny bit of color integrity than using my Canon Printer/Scanner

so I looked up color integrity and found this

Photography Blog 


apparently what I need is the Spyder monitor calibrator from Colorvision


I was a professional photographer and/or artist I’d certainly consider purchasing this calibrator

but I’m not so I won’t

I also won’t complain anymore about the color I obtain when using my scanner for my “doodles.”  The sad truth is that what you see is not always what you get (back)!!

happy weekend 🙂

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on the nearside…


something icky happened between the creation and the presentation


what I scan in does not come out looking like it did when created it…YIKES!!!

(I am rather fond of the moon I added though)


because overall the process (of scanning) is majorly irking me

I must do something

when I know what it is…you’ll know

happy Tuesday 🙂

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do I hear…

school bells ringing?

Where I live it’s almost time for school to start again…the local department stores have aisles filled with school supplies…pencils and paper and lunch boxes and so.much.more!!

however, I figure there’s still time enough for at least one more




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