“hang a right…

as soon as you pass that big red asteroid on your left”

one individual to another…out in



love space, know I’m never going there…not because I’m old…but because I’m not now nor will I ever be a trillionaire (so unable to buy myself aboard) and I don’t have any of the skills necessary to be included on a space mission.  so sad 😦

(that is unless “they” need a research specimen)

how exciting it would be though to leave some human inspired artwork on a planet far, far away…awesome!!

the excitement of the imagining makes my heart race!

OK…so recently I’ve gone from reading post-apocalyptic science fiction to reading “out in space” science fiction…EXCITING!!!

since I’m never going “out there” I decided to create my own SPACE in which to imagine myself 🙂  WOOHOO!!!

© Out Of My Mind Images 2015

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