temperature and humidity are a rising…

and me I’ve got

“the summertime blues”


the beach is sounding like a really good idea about now, here on the gulf coast of Florida…however, we have to be aware of the flesh eating bacterium, Vibrio vulnificus that lives in our coastal salt water.  If you click on this to read about the bacterium, be aware that the article contains an extremely graphic photo of what this bacterium can do to human flesh

so as inviting as it sounds I won’t be going to the beach, or walking in the surf with Baron…how sad is that 😦

* * * * *

kindle doodle is several years old now…still gets the point across though

IT’S   H   O   T

 (and it’s NOT a dry heat) 🙂

* * * * *

kindle doodle © Out Of My Mind Images 2011-2015

everything else is copyrighted to the respective creators

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