abundant July showers bring…

(inedible) mushrooms to the backyard 🙂


since my P&S camera doesn’t do macro, this is the best I could accomplish with these tiny ‘shrooms…the largest was apx. 1/4 inch across


I think these look like Hobbit Houses


water for the fairies


to me, this looks like a sesame seed bun…not!

thankfully, so far, Baron the Dachshund has never been the least bit interested in our backyard fungi…I sincerely hope this remains true

the backyard is like a huge compost, there is some grass but I never rake the leaves from the huge oak tree so the mushrooms flourish in the decay.  what fascinates me is how many different types there are

happy Thursday 🙂

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“hang a right…

as soon as you pass that big red asteroid on your left”

one individual to another…out in



love space, know I’m never going there…not because I’m old…but because I’m not now nor will I ever be a trillionaire (so unable to buy myself aboard) and I don’t have any of the skills necessary to be included on a space mission.  so sad 😦

(that is unless “they” need a research specimen)

how exciting it would be though to leave some human inspired artwork on a planet far, far away…awesome!!

the excitement of the imagining makes my heart race!

OK…so recently I’ve gone from reading post-apocalyptic science fiction to reading “out in space” science fiction…EXCITING!!!

since I’m never going “out there” I decided to create my own SPACE in which to imagine myself 🙂  WOOHOO!!!

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and we’re back to…

lined paper 🙂  The media for this blog was originally created on a Kindle…then I started doodling in old…lined…notebooks.  So today I’m feeling a little retro…so I give you

la femme du jour et teckel

(a couple of corrections being made here to the wording on the doodle)


watch out for those needle hands and feet 🙂

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messing with…

“Air-Dry Clay” and dead insects.

I looked up the bug and as near as I can figure it’s some type of scarab beetle.  I found it in the backyard…as dead as a door nail.


I do love the human proboscis…the larger and knobbier it is the better I like it.  This type of nose adds so much character to a face.  My own nose didn’t have much going for it till it was broken when I was 7.  Since then it’s had a bit more hump and been slightly off center (yes I have a deviated septum).  Of course there’s a story there but I’m thinking I may have already told it somewhere along the way 🙂

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been watching NCIS reruns…

Pauley Perrette aka Abby Sciuto was my inspiration for “Goth Girl”

I realized when I was editing that she didn’t have the first “tat” so I used my Corel Picture Tubes and gave her a butterfly 🙂


I wasn’t looking at “Abby” when I created this…so it’s definitely an O.O.M.M.I. 🙂

Happy Friday!!!

* * * * *

Interesting note  concerning my reluctance to incorporate Zentangles I found online into my doodles.  I received an email from Pinterest yesterday informing me that a Pinterest (that I had found on the Pinterest website) that I had pinned to my Pinterest site had been removed.  The reason…someone in the Zentangle community objected to their Zentangles being used on Pinterest.  So happy I decided to no longer use Zentangles in my doodles.

 In the email they kept reassuring me that I’d done nothing wrong.  I’ve always felt like Pinterest was a copyright catastrophe waiting to happen..

* * * * *

butterfly copyrighted to Corel Paint Shop Pro v5

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if you’re only as old as you feel…

then I’m absolutely ancient 🙂


without a moments hesitation, the old woman drawled,

“Don’t mess around with me mister or I’ll wack you with this here cane.”

* * * * *

I still have the wooden cane the VA gave Don and believe you me I wouldn’t hesitate a second to use it to defend myself 🙂

* * * * *

“Old age is like a plane flying through a storm.  Once you’re aboard, there’s nothing you can do.”  Golda Meir

* * * * *

I love this YouTube video of an older woman hitting a Mercedes with her purse…hilarious!!!

You can hear the kids who took the video giggling in the background

😀 😀 😀

Old age quote found at Brainy Quotes!

Video found at YouTube!

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she’s wearing green…

her deep purple hair shimmering in the muted light

who is she, coming out of the soft sultry night

could it be

 the Queen of Summer?

yes, yes it is




though this is not intended to look like her, my muse was Ava Gardner

I think “soft sultry summer nights” when I think of her

* * * * *

still using kid’s construction paper, white charcoal pencil, watercolor pencils, colored pencils and black ink

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