in the backyard 🙂




A native Floridian would have known immediately what the name of this bird is…I’m not a native so I looked it up in “The Sibley Guide to Birds.”  The closest thing I could find was the White Ibis.  So I checked on Wikipedia to be absolutely sure and there was my bird under American White Ibis.  Usually they roam around in packs foraging for food, mine was all on his own.  I believe he was hunting for lizards…I like my backyard lizards but they are overly abundant this year.  So I hope he enjoyed his feast 🙂

© Out Of My Mind Images

I did not take the header image of a very young me…it was taken by someone else long ago and far away.

5 thoughts on “birding…

    • Thank you so much Rosa…it’s one of my original Out Of My Mind Images…on lined paper…I’m thinking about going back to lined paper. I like dabbling with different media…but there’s something about lined paper that works well with colored pencils. 🙂 Hope life is treating you kindly 🙂

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    • 🙂 So I learned something when I looked up “The Birds”…didn’t realize it was based, loosely, on a book by Daphne du Maurier…now I need to find out if the movie is available on Netflix or Amazon…I don’t believe I ever saw it. OR perhaps read the book or both 🙂


      • Naturally I would lean towards the book but having said that, I do enjoy the art of comparing and contrasting so both would be good and as you are on the internet now…you may as well go treat yourself.


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