I’d never seen a complete mushroom before…interesting!


this Gerbera Daisy plant has outdone itself…the intensity of color is awesome!


and what would the backyard be without the Baron!

* * * * *

“I feel a responsibility to my backyard, I want it to be taken care of and protected.”

Annie Leibovitz – American Portrait Photographer

Quote found at:  BrainyQuote

Photographs:  © Out Of My Mind Images 2015

2 thoughts on “backyard…

  1. Backyards are under appreciated because we see them all the time but they don’t half have some treasures in them, I love the big mushroom, it certainly is taking muchroom haha, I’m hilarious!


  2. Hello Ste J…my backyard has practically nothing in it, visible to the naked eye anyway. But as I learned when I lived in the desert southwest looks can be deceiving. I deliberately have not added a lot of plants to my backyard…my ability to see to their upkeep being the primary reason. So I am forced to LOOK for things to photograph…the big mushroom is a good example. I was actually trying to knock the top off so I could do away with it (I try to keep them out of the yard for fear that one day Baron will figure out they can be eaten). When I pushed against this mushroom the whole thing just popped out of the sandy soil. Since I’ve never dug up a mushroom before I was quite impressed with it’s appearance. Sadly it no longer takes up “muchroom” as I kept it in the little glass container and it has shrunken down to a spindly little thing. And of course you’re hilarious 🙂


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