a little humor…

for the day 😀

Image (2)steelwool

here’s the deal, I was experimenting with being scribbly with crayons – so I tried scribbling stormy clouds with a peaceul blue sky and birds flying beyond the storm.

when I was scanning my creation it occurred to me that what I had here was a Brillo Pad – steel wool with pink soap 😀

and that reminded me that just this past weekend Baron (of Baron the Dachshund Facebook Fame) ate half a Brillo Pad while I was away from home.


 of course it was my fault, apparently when I retrieved a nice fresh, unrusted pad from the box unknown to me one fell on the floor.  naturally Baron found it and took it to the fence he stays in while I’m away.  I’m gone about 5 hours, come home, find a fluffy looking gray thing in his fence and realize it’s part of an undevoured Brillo Pad…YIKES!!

it’s way to late to do anything but hope that this passes just as all the foreign objects he’s eaten have 🙂

and it does 😀

and so it goes…wishing you a wildly wonderful weekend

© Out Of My Mind Images 2015

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