watching you…

watching me

or as I call it “why the eye?” 🙂

Image (10)whytheeye

I’m trying to decide if I’m “the eye” being watched OR am I one of the pointy legged concealed people doing the watching.  The mood is dark and somber so is there a plan afoot for mischief?

Did the eye see something it wasn’t meant to see…perhaps the eye will close if the group stares long enough… and the perceived threat will, at least temporarily, be over.

I’m having a disturbingly painful vision of those pointy legs attacking the eye…perhaps brought on by an eye appointment, looming closer and closer, which will include tests that make my eyes feel as if they’re being jabbed by nails.  Ouch!!!

I always get a kick out of trying to figure out why I draw or doodle the things I do 🙂

Happy Monday!

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