the back 🙂

Image (3)back

I first doodled this a couple of years ago…as an exercise to see if I could draw the arm and hand correctly behind the back.  I never used the original doodle so I recently redrew it and threw in someone else’s Zentangles in the background.  I’m already tiring of having to explain the Zentangles so will stop using them and create something of my own to use.

(I do however have several more doodles/drawings where I think I used them…so bear with me 🙂

have a peaceful Sunday

6 thoughts on “behind…

  1. I think this and your other pieces including tangles are wonderful.
    Can you expand on why you have to explain your use of Zentangles?
    My understanding a newbie to Zentangle is that you can use all tangles in your work as long as what you produce is not for sale and you don’t have the permission of the tangle creator.


    • Thank you for stopping by and commenting! I’m extremely sensitive about copyright issues, mine and other peoples. It’s a personal feeling I get when I use a Zentangle pattern (I found online or in a book) in my doodles. Someone used their talent to create the tangle therefore it belongs to them to use in their work…the copyrights belong to them. It means I can never copyright the work that I’ve created that has their Zentangle in it…I just decided to pass on the issue. Especially after I saw that a Zentangler was proceeding against one or more parties who’d used their Zentagles.


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