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 ~ I’ve read about Zentangles online and downloaded Kindle books on the subject…however, it is not clear to me about the copyrights issues.

~ I have absolutely no idea to whom the individual Zentangles, I used in my creation, belong.

~ I take no credit for creating the Zentangles…I do take credit for creating this piece of work.

~ The vagueness about copyrights is the reason I’ve not used Zentangles very often in the past.


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    • I hope so Rosa…everything I create are images that pour out of my mind after having been poured into my mind for years and years and years. My problem is that the Zentangle people are very vague about their copyrights…using anything I’ve found in a Zentangle how-to book always leaves me feeling very unsettled. The best thing would be for me to ask them 🙂

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  1. I’m learning Zentangle now and there are dozens of instruction book to help people learn the method. I’m using it for mindfulness meditation to help cope with an illness. I can’t claim to understand the coyright issue but I suppose I haven’t created any artwork outside of my journal using tangles yet so I haven’t run into any issues. I have, however, seen some tense exchanges in a Facebook group I recently joined but all that makes me think is why is this practice so widely taught and encouraged if people have such a rigid attitude about the tangles they create. If you don’t want your tangle “copied” wouldn’t you just keep it private?


    • I believe Zentangles is a wonderful method of accomplishing the “mindfulness meditation” that you speak of…and that’s exactly what it was created for…the meditation…slowing oneself down…slowing one’s mind down. Thankfully I’ve missed the Facebook discussions regarding Zentangles. The copyright issue is also a money issue…the way I understand it…there are the original creators of the Zentangle idea…after them came trained instructors to teach people how to create the tangles and along with them came the how-to instruction books. And the problem began…so many people believe that if something is in the public…it’s in the public domain…meaning the public can use it with little to no fear of copyright issues. Not necessarily true! If someone else created it, the copyrights belong to them. Unless they give away or sell that right. So sorry I’m letting myself get carried away here. I believe as long as someone uses the tangles for the original purpose everything should be ok. Wishing you the very best with your journal 🙂

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      • Thanks for taking the time to explain your perspective to me.
        I think I’ve been focused on the “public domain” aspect of the practice. I definitely understand creative ownership as a writer. There just seem to be a lot of grey arrears with Zentangle, especially with so many people displaying and selling the art they create online


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