for those of us who’ve learned…

that aging is the only way to live 🙂

I found the following on Facebook,

it is attributed to Canadian station boom 99.7 🙂


made me smile


NOTE;  if you enjoy reading books about post apocalyptic earth…

try Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel 

9 thoughts on “for those of us who’ve learned…

  1. That made me smile, you have to treat life as a joke otherwise you’d go mad. The book has been duly noted and is especially topical with the New mad Max film being out.


    • Smiling back at you…alas I’ve discovered that I went mad a long time ago 🙂 I read and finished Slaughterhouse Five…I liked it but then I’m always drawn to anything to do with WWII, born 8 months after Pearl Harbor. I liked Vonnegut’s style and thought he was pretty straight forward but then I’ve been known to miss those pesky hidden meanings. Started “Catcher in the Rye” and it reads the same way it did the first time I read it. Trying Virginia Woolf again, maybe this time I’ll finish some more of her works. 🙂


      • Have you read Catch 22, that is a cracking book as well, a razor sharp satire. Catcher is just not a book that we can ever get into, I need to get into some woolf as well, I have a couple of short books floating around. Vonnegut tells it like it is, which is quite refreshing.


      • I, too, like authors who tell it like it is and don’t mess about with hidden meanings…I don’t mind mystery or even fantasy or vampires…just don’t get me to the end of the book and let me find out the author was playing with my mind 🙂 Yes I read Catch 22 (and saw the movie) way, way back. Then years later I met Don, a career army person, and realized, after listening to his “war stories,” that the book was right on the money. Funny and tragically, tragically sad. Similar to M.A.S.H.


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