a chapeau…

by any other name is a…hat 🙂

over the years I’ve not considered hats my friend, I mean hat hair is the worst,              don’t you agree?  and sweaty hat hair doesn’t bear mentioning…

however, they are rather fun 🙂


as you can tell I’ve had the hat above for years…the straw is deteriorating…just as I am 🙂


a newer hat…one I decorated to wear to the local PurpleStride event, raising funds for Pancreatic Cancer research (in memory of my DILs sister)


oh my gosh how old is this photo, taken by my Dad, when I was a teenager, in a blue toned two piece dress with a blue “plate” on my head 🙂  behind me is the huge crab apple tree that was in our front yard…the tree is gone and the yard no longer belongs in the family…and life goes on and hats are still worn

Happy Saturday 🙂

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