soul-searching is (sometimes)…

for the birds 🙂

or maybe not, would I really release my mind’s craziness on this poor bird…


I mean, after all, he sang my family such a pretty melody as they searched for Easter eggs 🙂

And this is what started all this drama…

As I sat at the dinner table on Sunday, surrounded by my family, related and otherwise…a question was asked me by a young person who had just told me they had almost completed 4 years at university (then their plan was to continue their education journey by studying for a masters degree).

The question asked me, “Did you go to college?”

the answer is/was…I finished high school (which for me was a miracle, since I’d decided to make high school my career, until all my friends started graduating) and went for a year and half to Community College to take courses in Human Development to enhance my chances for employment at a state facility which trained children and adults with mental and physical challenges.

That I had received no degree definitely did not impress the young person previously mentioned, however, the fact that I worked with persons with mental and physical challenges did.

The young person also was not overly impressed by ALL the different jobs I’ve held over my lifetime…or because higher math leaves me feeling like I’m swimming in a sea of sticky goo or my memory has been CRAP since I was born.  OR that I’d never had a real CAREER.

Around that time, in the conversation, I would gladly have changed places with the bird and flown away.

Hence I have wended me tortuous way to SOUL SEARCHING…why you may ask since I learned early (as a child) not to get involved with my relatives in any conversation that had intelligence (or the lack there of) at the core of it.

Alas, I’ve grown old and my defenses were down and now I’m finding soul searching to be a complete waste of my time…after all it will change nothing…least of all me 🙂

Have I learned anything…probably not, except that the ART of small talk will always and forever elude me 🙂

* * * * *

In closing and to enlighten you and perhaps entertain you, these are the jobs I held during my non-career:

Floor Clerk, Office Clerk, Operating Room Technician, Accounts Receivable Clerk/Relief PBX Operator, SAHM for 8 years, Veterinary Aide, Developmental Aide, Secretarial Pool, Mental Health Aide, Accounts Receivable Clerk/Secretary, Janitor, Front Desk Receptionist, Registered Certified Nursing Assistant, Wait Person/Bus Boy, Temporary Office Worker, Caregiver.

I worked off and on for 49 years, in 4 states.

It was my privilege, during my last job, to be the caregiver for my husband.


3 thoughts on “soul-searching is (sometimes)…

  1. Ah, the exuberance of youth!! Here’s the quote I share with young people: “What should young people do with their lives today? Many things, obviously. But the most daring thing is to create stable communities in which the terrible disease of loneliness can be cured.” Even the young have experienced loneliness. I know that you have made great strides in building communities that foster compassion and hope! 🙂


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