this is the month…

I’m apparently going to miss all birthdays and anniversaries 🙂

April the 2nd (or is it the 4th) is Baron’s birthday…I’ve looked up the paperwork before and still can’t remember which day it is.  Doesn’t really matter because I totally forgot to say Happy Birthday to him either day 😦  Poor Baron he leads a dogs life he does!!!


My favorite shot of Baron von Spitfire 🙂

I also missed the 2 year anniversary for this blog, April 3 2013-2015…I’m surprised as you are that I’m still here.  But I’ve paid up for the “” URL so I’m good for another year.

A “snipped” copy of my very first WordPress/OOMMI post:


And this was my header:


Coming up next is my oldest granddaughter’s birthday the end of April…will I remember or won’t I?  I’m certainly not not going to make a bet either way 😀


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