created with…

computer, Painter Essentials software and Wacom Bamboo

OK, so I’ve gotten over myself and with a little (a lot of) help (from the above) this appeared 🙂


interesting, her profile reminds me of my oldest grandson’s girl friend 🙂


didn’t have a photo of GFs profile…perhaps you get the idea from this one

* * * * *

sometimes when something just flows from me out onto the paper or into the computer, I think “where did that come from?”  occasionally I can figure it out 🙂  my high school art teacher used to tell me I had to have a plan…so sorry Mr. Newcomer, I rarely have a plan

of course he also used to tell me that that everything I created was to “tight,” maybe ’cause I was always worrying about that plan I was meant to have

Merriam-Webster defines tight this way:

definition 1e – “allowing little or no room for free motion or movement”

definition 7a – “characterized by firmness or strictness in control or application or in attention to details”

I always thought I HAD to draw or paint things EXACTLY how they looked, that every little detail had to be added…this, for me, was a definite killer of passion, of interest, of excitement.  it took me years to realize that Mr. Newcomer was right…I needed to lighten up and just do it 🙂

and lighten up I did, little by little over the years ..then I lost Don and I felt love and happiness and joy and discovery and imagination were over, that “I” was over.  time went by and one day I laughed (and felt guilty), then I remembered all the laughter Don and I had shared, I remembered how supportive he was of my interest in art…for heaven sake the man built me a lightbox and poured liquid clay into molds (for hours) when we started a ceramics shop (he pretty much single-handedly built the shop itself, from the cement foundation to the roof).  in 2011, I bought my Kindle Fire, sat in a doctors office with it, bored to tears, and created my first Out Of My Mind Image and I was FREE FREE FREE


and about as “untight” as I’m ever going to get 😀 😀 😀

my little French man with beret and bird is one of the first OOMMIs I shared with you, the “plan” is he won’t be the last.  this blog will be 2 years old April 3 and I have decided to stay…well at least for another year 🙂

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