is sipping the


…this ale pilfering sprite reminds me of a tale my Mom told me when I was little.

 Sometimes, during summer vacation, her parents would leave her and some of her younger siblings (there were 9 children total) with their country aunts,  And children being children they were often on the look out for sweet things to eat.  The aunts would can fruits and vegetables during the summer for winter meals and the fruit was most often preserved as jelly.  And the jelly was sealed in it’s jars with paraffin.

The jars were stored in the basement (a “look out” basement) which had outside steps leading down to the basement door.  The steps also crossed a screened window, inside the window were the jars of jelly.

Can we see where this is going?

So using the ingeniousness of a child’s imagination the children found some straw, picked out the longest, poked them through the screen, down into the edges of the paraffin and through to the jelly underneath.

And to their great delight sucked up the semi-liquid goodness into their always hungry bellies.


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