what have i…

been up to?

good question and the answer is:


this is Baron’s header for his Facebook page 🙂

i bought some Air-Dry Clay yesterday and this is what happened when i tried it, i had to work on his eye in Paint Shop Pro…an empty eye socket was just totally unappealing

and this was found in back yard after a rain storm yesterday, natures efforts at recycling, loved the green and all the interesting little fungi growing on this


happy Saturday 🙂

created with…

computer, Painter Essentials software and Wacom Bamboo

OK, so I’ve gotten over myself and with a little (a lot of) help (from the above) this appeared 🙂


interesting, her profile reminds me of my oldest grandson’s girl friend 🙂


didn’t have a photo of GFs profile…perhaps you get the idea from this one

* * * * *

sometimes when something just flows from me out onto the paper or into the computer, I think “where did that come from?”  occasionally I can figure it out 🙂  my high school art teacher used to tell me I had to have a plan…so sorry Mr. Newcomer, I rarely have a plan

of course he also used to tell me that that everything I created was to “tight,” maybe ’cause I was always worrying about that plan I was meant to have

Merriam-Webster defines tight this way:

definition 1e – “allowing little or no room for free motion or movement”

definition 7a – “characterized by firmness or strictness in control or application or in attention to details”

I always thought I HAD to draw or paint things EXACTLY how they looked, that every little detail had to be added…this, for me, was a definite killer of passion, of interest, of excitement.  it took me years to realize that Mr. Newcomer was right…I needed to lighten up and just do it 🙂

and lighten up I did, little by little over the years ..then I lost Don and I felt love and happiness and joy and discovery and imagination were over, that “I” was over.  time went by and one day I laughed (and felt guilty), then I remembered all the laughter Don and I had shared, I remembered how supportive he was of my interest in art…for heaven sake the man built me a lightbox and poured liquid clay into molds (for hours) when we started a ceramics shop (he pretty much single-handedly built the shop itself, from the cement foundation to the roof).  in 2011, I bought my Kindle Fire, sat in a doctors office with it, bored to tears, and created my first Out Of My Mind Image and I was FREE FREE FREE


and about as “untight” as I’m ever going to get 😀 😀 😀

my little French man with beret and bird is one of the first OOMMIs I shared with you, the “plan” is he won’t be the last.  this blog will be 2 years old April 3 and I have decided to stay…well at least for another year 🙂

want to…

follow these blogs






I particularly like this one:



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i am now following “point of the needle,” so I will be adding any other links I want to hold on to (especially those that aren’t WordPress)…ABOVE

local rain…

complete with grayness is definitely matching my mood


where is my red umbrella?

* * * * *

finished the doodle cleanup, sent many doodle notebooks to the recycle bin and made 2 huge binders full of saved doodles and then (being me) I thought,

“I’ve got hundreds of doodles, what is there left to draw?”

(I know…..sometimes…..I am a “drama queen.”)

* * * * *

so, I offer you a photograph, “cactus in the rain”


taken when I lived in the apartment, this is the same huge padded cactus that the lawn maintenance crew hacked down one day…I never knew why 😦


moody person that I am…

I’m down today…washed, wrung,


and hung out to dry in the clouds


I’d been thinking about recycling (as in shredding) some (as in most) of the pages in my notebooks of OOMMIs and today I’ve done it.  Picked out the ones I love best and I’m letting the rest go.  A lot of them have been scanned so it’s not like they’re lost forever…well not unless my current computer dies or my portable hard drive won’t give me access.  You see the mood I’m in…so as I wallow in my sadness…the up side is that I’m making a scrapbook of the saved pages to brighten my life in the years to come.

Another thing I’ve done is to sell my BIG digital camera to my son, so I’m back to using my 2 compact Point and Shoot cameras.  And thankful I am that I have them.

Time to lighten my load (stuff accumulated), thrift stores love to see me coming.

* * * * *


Joseph Anthony Stefko who left this life way to soon

“Do not go gentle into that good night but rage, rage against the dying of the light.”  Dylan Thomas

for Joseph…

yesterday I and hundreds, probably thousands of others, in Pinellas County Florida and beyond, lost a friend

sometimes when he was styling my hair, he and I joked about how when it came time for me to live in a nursing home he would shave my head so I wouldn’t have to sit around with straggly hair

he was a hair stylist, but more, so much more


thank you for the laughter Joseph, I will miss you for the remainder of my life

I send my condolences to your Mom, your family and your friends.

just in case…

I don’t make it here tomorrow


aka my grandson’s birthday

family celebrated his day…yesterday 🙂


Uncle J. with his niece (dressed appropriately in GREEN) 🙂


wild clover in my backyard


a St Patrick’s Day OOMMI (Out Of My Mind Images)


have a


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watched for the 3rd time…

(last night, on Netflix) the Swedish film versions of the Millennium Trilogy:  The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, The Girl Who Played with Fire and The Girl Who Kicked the Hornets Nest (written by Stieg Larsson)

main character:  Lisbeth Salander (played by: Noomi Rapace)

this is how I saw Lisbeth


This trilogy is an indictment against a society that dehumanizes women and those who are “different.”  And yet years go by and nothing seems to change, violence against women and children, while perhaps not the norm, still happens appallingly often.

United Nations statistics regarding violence against women worldwide

VAW – Violence Against Women – Wikipedia

The National Domestic Violence Hotline – 1-800-799-7233





cry red

cry red

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it’s a new day…

and new software

welcome to Corel Painter Essentials 5 🙂


I’ve always wanted to fly, not in a plane but like a bird…just like this creation 🙂


nothing like the big birds 🙂


bamboo is a cool plant, fun to replicate and it’s green 🙂

computer art…gotta love it


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