23 days…

since I added anything to my blog.

It’s useless to apologize because I’m sure it’ll happen again.

so…let’s move on to the…


a baby is born and life changes forever…my oldest granddaughter had a baby girl born in December.



I’m a great-grandma 🙂

isn’t life GRAND!!!

Image (38)manwomanbirthdeathinfinity

We’re one day away from 2 weeks of LOVE 🙂

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a butterfly…

is born 🙂


monarch butterfly larvae eating my butterfly weed leaves

the larvae ate and ate till practically no leaves were left and then they left…I searched and searched for the pupa but discovered none

a week or so later I was taking Baron out to the backyard and there was a newly emerged butterfly, flexing his wings, on the cement pad at my backdoor

of course my camera was in the bedroom…I dashed inside, grabbed the camera, just knowing that the butterfly would be long gone

he had flown over to the grass and was still flexing his wings, as I was adjusting the lens he flew up into a small tree behind my privacy fence


isn’t he beautiful?

so sorry…I didn’t have my long range lens available (it was in the house, in the bedroom) 🙂  am I a novice photographer or what? 🙂

a few days after this I was looking at my denuded butterfly weed plants and discovered a new crop of butterfly larvae (apx. 10) on the remaining leaves

currently I have butterfly weed stalks…with the remaining leaf or two still being devoured by the larvae…I think I better hurry up and sow the seed I saved from the plants 🙂

information about milkweed plants

more information about milkweed plants

Google images of monarch larvae

Google images of monarch pupa

I’m not sure what’s going to happen with the new larvae there’re not nearly enough leaves for them to eat and grow as large as the first larvae did…I’m sure they’ll leave and look for additional food

it was exciting though to see the one newly emerged monarch

so the new year begins with a new butterfly


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