Christmas 2014…

celebrating with O.O.M.M.I. doodles 🙂



(don’t know how I managed it but I think the teddy bear looks like a mouse 🙂


Curiously enough, I doodled these while watching Alfred Hitchcock on Netflix!

I’d forgotten what an interesting person Mr. Hitchcock was…and what a quirky imagination he had 🙂  I just completed 3 years of reruns…one of my favorites was a handicapped man who’d learned how to project himself outside of his body!  He wanted to kill someone so one night he projected himself out of his body and roamed around the halls in the darkness.  Finally he thought he had found the room he sought so he went in, grabbed a heavy object and whacked the sleeping person over the head.  Then he looked at the “weapon” he’d used and discovered it was a large trophy he’d won when his body was whole,

then he looked at the person in the bed

it was him


lesson learned: jealousy and anger never hurt any one but the one who harbors those emotions

* * * * *

5 days till Christmas

Hope you’re enjoying the Christmas Season!


© Out Of My Mind Images 2014

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