paying homage…

in doodles, to Baron, my K9 wunderkinder 🙂

ZenBrush_20141216153625anything at dachshund level is subject to destruction…er…being played with, with gusto 🙂


a box delivered to the door, a ladder brought from outside into the garage, a stranger in the yard…what happens next?


and barking and barking…until it’s out of sight, out of mind 🙂

and yet,

I LOVE my dachshund !!!

it boils down to, love me/love my dachsund 🙂

Baron’s Facebook page can be found here:

8 days until Christmas


if you’d like snow we hope you get at least a dusting of the white flakes!

© Out Of My Mind Images 2008 – 2014

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