using Kindle apps.


Yes…I’ve had a love affair with ballet since I was 7 and took ballet and tap on Saturdays in town (rural VA, 12 miles away).  As a kid when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I would always say, “an artist, a ballerina, a secretary”

My father, who actually was a very kind and fair man, told me once that I had no self-discipline, so of course that meant that being a ballerina was totally out.  I’ve done lots of office work over the years but was never an actual bona fide secretary.

So…that leaves art…which has always been an on again, off again thing with me.  I never wanted to do what everyone else was doing, never wanted to learn to draw in a more traditional fashion, never wanted to do it any way but mine.

Always wanted a studio or a dedicated room where I could just go in and make art, make a mess and just leave til the next day.  Lots of things happened over the years that just didn’t allow for that to happen.  And I never seemed to be able to find my medium.  Until…until…until I found Microsoft Paint, then Paint Shop Pro v5 and found I didn’t need a studio I could create right in my computer.

BUT…I missed the hands on experience…of having a pen or pencil in my hands and laying color down on a piece of paper.  So first I found some fun Kindle apps…then I found colored pencils, the perfect hands on medium for me…don’t have to have a special room or a computer…I can just sit on the sofa and draw and color all day and into the wee small hours of the morning.  Life has moments of pure bliss!

And it was the most perfect therapy for learning to enjoy life after Don died.


here I am…hoping you’re open to the happiness of the Christmas Season!


Star of the East, O Bethlehem Star!!!


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5 thoughts on “doodling…

    • Without my Baron (a cuddly dachshund) and my art I don’t know where I’d have ended up after Don died. I already was a firm believer in art therapy and I’m more so now. Those on the edge of madness can see into the creative depths so intensely and have no inhibitions about expressing themselves.

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  1. All the very, very best of the holidays season. 🙂 Looking forward to our 2015 adventures. While I think you would have made a wonderful ballerina, I am glad that you found art. I think it was Friedrich Nietzsche that said “You must have chaos within you to give birth to a dancing star.”


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