From the past…

archived Out Of My Mind Images 🙂

I’m sure these two O.O.M.M.I. sketches have been on here before, no matter, I like to look at ’em, so here they are for one and all to peruse again!


I can’t remember, for sure, whether I ever tried to do this…let’s face it I never made a snow angel till I was an adult.  I did play in the snow though…for hours and hours…a snow day was a golden day…till my Mom found extra chores for me to do!

I remember the last time I could use the sled my sister and I shared…a sad day indeed.  I was a teenager and we had a wonderful little hill in the cow pasture, so I took down the sled from where it hung in the woodshed and walked to the hill.  I gripped the sled tightly and started running when I flopped down on it the runners sank to frozen ground beneath and the sled stopped…like NOW…no forward motion except for me.  I ended up face down in the snow…and I knew, in one of those more frequently occurring “growing older” revelations, that little by little my childhood was drifting away, with only memories to remain.

On the other hand, growing older meant I was heavier (see above) and stronger, so wood chopping was something I was able to to for years afterwards.  It’s still amazing to me to realize I was chopping decent sized oak logs when I was 9, with just a regular ax.


I’ve, finally,  figured out a way to get my 2nd oldest Kindle to charge…I want to start doodling more of the images like the 2 above (it’s where this whole thing started, with a Kindle app…one day when I was waiting at the doctors office)

So something Christmasy to send you off into the new week…



© Out Of My Mind Images 2011-2014

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