“Simply Having…

a Wonderful Christmas Time”  Paul McCartney

Music Video! 

Image (49)christmas1

Image (50)christmas2

Out Of My Mind Images plus a photo!



The cookie photo was taken last year…of cookies the g’kids made!


Yaya (that’s me) ate! 🙂

I love Christmas for every possible reason…

Because, firstly, it’s a celebration of Jesus’ birthday

(even it isn’t the actual date of his birth).

Because it’s a celebration…of winter, of color, of music!

Because it’s a time for giving (not just money and gifts)…sometimes we’re able to continue this giving thing through the whole year!

Because it’s a time to offer a helping hand to children, to those who are depressed, to our neighbors, to strangers, etc.!

Because I enjoy home baked cookies and eggnog and a festive salad 🙂

Because…well just because I want to 🙂

~~~~~22 days before Christmas~~~~~


photo and doodles © Out Of My Mind Images 2011-2014

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