Merry Christmas…

one more day…it’s exciting isn’t it 🙂

I have Christmas doodles that need to be scanned…probably won’t get to them until next week…so will continue with Christmas…after Christmas!!!

Today, I offer you Christmas photos 🙂


my Baron, of course 🙂


Santa in the front yard 🙂


Fun with Santa in Corel Paint Shop Pro 🙂


to one and all,

from Theanne and Baron

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Christmas 2014…

celebrating with O.O.M.M.I. doodles 🙂



(don’t know how I managed it but I think the teddy bear looks like a mouse 🙂


Curiously enough, I doodled these while watching Alfred Hitchcock on Netflix!

I’d forgotten what an interesting person Mr. Hitchcock was…and what a quirky imagination he had 🙂  I just completed 3 years of reruns…one of my favorites was a handicapped man who’d learned how to project himself outside of his body!  He wanted to kill someone so one night he projected himself out of his body and roamed around the halls in the darkness.  Finally he thought he had found the room he sought so he went in, grabbed a heavy object and whacked the sleeping person over the head.  Then he looked at the “weapon” he’d used and discovered it was a large trophy he’d won when his body was whole,

then he looked at the person in the bed

it was him


lesson learned: jealousy and anger never hurt any one but the one who harbors those emotions

* * * * *

5 days till Christmas

Hope you’re enjoying the Christmas Season!


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or in otherwords…

O Tannenbaum 🙂


I think the snowman might be able to grab a gift as they fall past him … maybe that’s why he’s smiling so broadly 🙂

we’re definitely in a Christmas countdown mode

8 days till Christmas

didn’t I say that in my last post?  that’s what happens when I stay up past midnight creating slap dash(y) blog posts 😀 😀 😀

so I remain,

Out Of My Mind Images

© O.O.M.M.I. 2014

paying homage…

in doodles, to Baron, my K9 wunderkinder 🙂

ZenBrush_20141216153625anything at dachshund level is subject to destruction…er…being played with, with gusto 🙂


a box delivered to the door, a ladder brought from outside into the garage, a stranger in the yard…what happens next?


and barking and barking…until it’s out of sight, out of mind 🙂

and yet,

I LOVE my dachshund !!!

it boils down to, love me/love my dachsund 🙂

Baron’s Facebook page can be found here:

8 days until Christmas


if you’d like snow we hope you get at least a dusting of the white flakes!

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using Kindle apps.


Yes…I’ve had a love affair with ballet since I was 7 and took ballet and tap on Saturdays in town (rural VA, 12 miles away).  As a kid when asked what I wanted to be when I grew up I would always say, “an artist, a ballerina, a secretary”

My father, who actually was a very kind and fair man, told me once that I had no self-discipline, so of course that meant that being a ballerina was totally out.  I’ve done lots of office work over the years but was never an actual bona fide secretary.

So…that leaves art…which has always been an on again, off again thing with me.  I never wanted to do what everyone else was doing, never wanted to learn to draw in a more traditional fashion, never wanted to do it any way but mine.

Always wanted a studio or a dedicated room where I could just go in and make art, make a mess and just leave til the next day.  Lots of things happened over the years that just didn’t allow for that to happen.  And I never seemed to be able to find my medium.  Until…until…until I found Microsoft Paint, then Paint Shop Pro v5 and found I didn’t need a studio I could create right in my computer.

BUT…I missed the hands on experience…of having a pen or pencil in my hands and laying color down on a piece of paper.  So first I found some fun Kindle apps…then I found colored pencils, the perfect hands on medium for me…don’t have to have a special room or a computer…I can just sit on the sofa and draw and color all day and into the wee small hours of the morning.  Life has moments of pure bliss!

And it was the most perfect therapy for learning to enjoy life after Don died.


here I am…hoping you’re open to the happiness of the Christmas Season!


Star of the East, O Bethlehem Star!!!


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one or 2 (or more)?

 I’m leaning towards just one per post, with a photo every now and then!

I feel the visual impact is greater when there’s only one or 2 with a connecting theme, so let’s see how it goes!

twofacedOOMMII remember when I first realized what being two-faced meant.  The person who would act like a friend and then talk about you behind your back!  Who would smile and laugh in your face while they were stabbing you in the back.  So much has happened in my life since the days when a friend being two-faced mattered to me.  Now I can usually spot this person easily and move on.  Age does have it’s rewards 🙂


16 days till Christmas!


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From the past…

archived Out Of My Mind Images 🙂

I’m sure these two O.O.M.M.I. sketches have been on here before, no matter, I like to look at ’em, so here they are for one and all to peruse again!


I can’t remember, for sure, whether I ever tried to do this…let’s face it I never made a snow angel till I was an adult.  I did play in the snow though…for hours and hours…a snow day was a golden day…till my Mom found extra chores for me to do!

I remember the last time I could use the sled my sister and I shared…a sad day indeed.  I was a teenager and we had a wonderful little hill in the cow pasture, so I took down the sled from where it hung in the woodshed and walked to the hill.  I gripped the sled tightly and started running when I flopped down on it the runners sank to frozen ground beneath and the sled stopped…like NOW…no forward motion except for me.  I ended up face down in the snow…and I knew, in one of those more frequently occurring “growing older” revelations, that little by little my childhood was drifting away, with only memories to remain.

On the other hand, growing older meant I was heavier (see above) and stronger, so wood chopping was something I was able to to for years afterwards.  It’s still amazing to me to realize I was chopping decent sized oak logs when I was 9, with just a regular ax.


I’ve, finally,  figured out a way to get my 2nd oldest Kindle to charge…I want to start doodling more of the images like the 2 above (it’s where this whole thing started, with a Kindle app…one day when I was waiting at the doctors office)

So something Christmasy to send you off into the new week…



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More Christmas…

candy…continuing yesterday’s candy remembrances…I was always intrigued by candy that had designs in the center.  Things like candy canes, holly, Christmas trees, etc. appeared like magic in the center of a hard piece of candy 🙂

Image (51)christmas4

The red and white ones were peppermint and the yellow ones were buttery tasting 🙂


click here for Old Fashioned Hard Christmas Candy images

it’s a tooth ache in the making extravaganza 🙂

This red haired lady in a green dress has absolutely nothing to do with Christmas…other than the red and green colors…but I found her fascinating to create…she looks quite peaceful in her repose.  Almost too still, too relaxed.

I hope I used the word “too” correctly…I always have trouble with when you should use “to” and “too” … I found help here.

Image (39)ladyingreen

To leave you thinking of Christmas, I offer this photo I took at my hair dressers today!  His shop was wonderfully decorated 🙂


~~~20 days till Christmas~~~

the excitement is mounting,


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OK, how did I manage to start using the new editor?  I couldn’t figure out how to make it publish so I switched back!!

Gift Tags…

created last Christmas…using them on gifts this Christmas 🙂


I believe I now have caps/crowns for all the teeth I ruined eating hard candy at Christmas time…and for months afterward for as long as it lasted.  Back in the ’50s the family gift of choice (given by bosses, friends and family) were huge tins of hard candy…of all shapes and sizes and flavors.  We lived in rural Virginia and when I went out in the afternoon to do my chores I’d grab a handful of hard candy and put it in my pocket.  If I didn’t chew/crunch it, it would last awhile…through watering/feeding goats and cow and chickens and bringing up firewood.  🙂

ahhhh…the memories!


This little house reminds me of the house Don and I built, from the ground up, in 1986.  We didn’t have mountains but we did have hills and cedar trees and snow.  And we were a pretty long way from the hard surfaced road…the first winter we were there we dug out snow from the house to the road…great fun…I believe that effort rated a Hot Buttered Rum for each of us 🙂


I believe in angels 🙂

Wikipedia:  Angel

21 days until Christmas…3 weeks!

I better get started on my shopping list 🙂

How about you, all done or just starting or waiting for Christmas Eve?



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