Black Friday…

I spent it doing what I wanted to do…which was not going shopping in a frenzied crush of humanity!!!

But that’s me, I’ve never been a Shop-a-holic…years ago I used to have someone who constantly harassed me to go window shopping.  Window shopping?  Not unless I’m shopping for windows 🙂  When I shop I want to go in the store, get what I need, pay for it and go home.  Absolutely no shopping til I drop!!!

From now til after the New Year I’ll stay as far away as possible from the malls!   Just thinking about it could cause me to have an anxiety attack or worse, a migraine!

OK that said, I do have promises to keep, it’s time to step up to the plate and deliver some Out Of My Mind Images.  I’ll try not to be to repetitive with doodles I’ve already had on here, so here goes:

my recent Flying Purple People Eater phase (I was thinking about making a FPPE costume for Halloween)!



an “ooh my” doodle of mine (I see a cup, a flying purple people eater and a what-the-heck-is-it), I have no idea what “Why can’t I learn to do this?” is all about, so I’ll never know whether I learned to do it or not 🙂  I just figured out the mystery doodle, we’re looking down on the cup which has liquid in it 🙂




doodled this at a Pixel x Pixel website online…I downloaded the program, regrettably it’s in my older DOA computer.  Back in the dark ages of the internet there were quite a lot of us online who liked doing Pixel x Pixel art,



and here is my FPPE masterpiece…created in a game/app I play on Kindle.  I give you my Farm Story (Storm8/TeamLava) Flying Purple Eater…created entirely by me using purple/white/black hay bales and black stepping stones 🙂 Impressive hey!!!

so what’s up next, we’ll find out together next time, in December 🙂

till then I remain,

Theanne, out of my mind and creating images



so I have two blogs and this is the one I’ve decided to occasionally nurture!

I’m looking forward to once again paying more attention to my “Out Of My Mind Images” and somewhat less to my photography 🙂

for right now I wish all who celebrate,

Happy Thanksgiving!


stay safe, enjoy the eating and be thankful for life


© O.O.M.M.I. aka Out Of My Mind Images 2014

“oh my”