one of my favorite desserts, second only to (Breyer’s) vanilla ice cream  🙂

artseventeen2014edited71stbirthdaycheesecakeremember…this was my birthday celebration in 2013…and yes that’s cheesecake with a candle stuck in it 🙂  not sure why the grandson is covering his ears 😀 maybe he thought it was going to blow up 🙂

third on the list would have to be warm, homemade, apple pie with vanilla ice cream melting into it 🙂

Don loved my homemade apple pie…only with cheddar cheese on top…oh how I miss that man!

I’m salivating…but then I haven’t had breakfast…and I rarely eat dessert now (well, except for the vanilla ice cream)…so I’m reduced to “doodling” my dessert, which is fun too in a tactile/visual sort of way!

Enjoy your day,

Theanne of OOMMI 🙂

© Out Of My Mind Images 2009-2014

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