All Hallow’s Eve…

is coming…soon


“I see you,” says the pumpkin


“hiss, hiss, snarl,” says the black cat

halloween3“spooky fun, ” says ghosts and scarecrow and pumpkin 🙂

went to the annual family Halloween party yesterday

DSCN9664tlcso what can you expect…I ate delicious homemade Halloween candy

pretzels dipped in chocolate with some kind of mint candy and M & Ms for eyes 🙂

looked like skulls, tasted yummy 🙂

I LOVE Halloween !!!


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Post Script:  this is my 200th post on this blog…woohoo

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Halloween is near…

 and there is much to fear 🙂



I have more Halloween inspired doodles…it’s just a matter of getting them scanned!

so for the time being…photos will have to do


Le Chat !!

pumpkin carved by son Jim for his family


pumpkins for the kids to decorate


and more pumpkins that have been decorated


I’m a big kid (I kid you not) so this is the one I decorated

the eyes wouldn’t stick to the “pumpkin” so I attached mine with bats, hey hey!!

uh oh I think the ghosts and goblins are coming to get me


is that the men in the white suits with a strait jacket?



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one of my favorite desserts, second only to (Breyer’s) vanilla ice cream  🙂

artseventeen2014edited71stbirthdaycheesecakeremember…this was my birthday celebration in 2013…and yes that’s cheesecake with a candle stuck in it 🙂  not sure why the grandson is covering his ears 😀 maybe he thought it was going to blow up 🙂

third on the list would have to be warm, homemade, apple pie with vanilla ice cream melting into it 🙂

Don loved my homemade apple pie…only with cheddar cheese on top…oh how I miss that man!

I’m salivating…but then I haven’t had breakfast…and I rarely eat dessert now (well, except for the vanilla ice cream)…so I’m reduced to “doodling” my dessert, which is fun too in a tactile/visual sort of way!

Enjoy your day,

Theanne of OOMMI 🙂

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