I spy…

something with my little eye 🙂


Somewhere, during my marathon viewing of Netflix this summer, this image presented itself to me.  It was there and gone in a micro-second.  But it brought back vivid memories of the movie “Psycho”!!!  (Original, 1960’s version, in black and white, with Anthony Perkins and Janet Leigh, directed by Alfred Hitchcock, more info. here.)

Interesting how much drama can be obtained from the simple behavior of placing one’s eye at a tiny opening.  Certainly a covert action, the “eye” wants to watch but not be seen.  It also places the “eye” in an extremely vulnerable position.  I was intrigued by the implications of this act and felt compelled to draw my version.

I leave you to think about it…

Out Of My Mind Images

© OOMMI 2009-2014

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