on being negligent…

Having neglected this blog for months on end, I decided that perhaps it was time to delete it.  To abdicate from my responsibility, to ride blithely into the sunset.


that’s easier said than done.

 Apparently because I bought and paid for a “bespoke” domain name I am now tied, with bonds of steel, to WordPress for all eternity.  All because I chose not to accept the default web address.


So I sit here moaning and whining because I can’t just press the delete button and disappear.

Is this then poetic justice?

Does anyone really want to know how many blogs I’ve created and left.  If asked I would say, “I don’t remember.”  I created my first website in 1998 on AOL.  I created my first blog in 2009, somewhere on the internet, I don’t remember where.  A lot of creating can go on over eleven years.

I created…because that’s what I love to do…create!

Maintain…now that is another matter all together.

If I remain, I must maintain…maintaining is difficult.  Maintaining requires self-discipline.  Someone once told me I had no self-discipline (yes I remember who, but refuse to share) 🙂

And it takes time…my time…which in the general scheme of things is becoming less and less as the years go by…

uh oh, do I hear someone out there yelling,

just hit the darn delete button and get on with it

well then, but not today, today my WordPress blog receives a reprieve


my domain name is paid for until March 2015


so I remain


© out of my mind images 2013-2014

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