kindle doodling…



crazy quilts are my favorite, however, I enjoy creating geometric quilt designs

my fascination with woven fabric has been ongoing for decades, I once even considered buying a large loom (I met Don instead)

eyes of course are the “windows to the soul,” so I must constantly draw them

apples, my first still life studies in art class used these (no nudes)


faces are definitely a “thing” with me, been drawing them for about 67 years

Sketch3122443catchingorlosingwhen I first doodled this I saw it as someone losing love

today I looked at it and still saw that possibility, I also saw the possibility that it was someone reaching for love, that love was distant but coming within their grasp

there’re more doodles to come, still scanning

happy Monday,


© Out Of My Mind Images 2014

One thought on “kindle doodling…

  1. Love the art…I saw the last photo as somebody realising love, sharing it with the wider world and wondering who will receive the gift that drops from the sky.


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