mix it up…

cityscape001I love this kind of watercolor…splash on some paint and then create something out of what you’ve done 🙂  When I do this again I’ll try to remember to splash a little of the building color into the water to get a suggestion of reflection.


curly girl…I thought a bit Bette Midlerish


I did this on the computer (after Memorial Day), meant to be sort of a homey scene, a place where someone has eaten almost all the fruit…but left one piece to tantalize the next person.  Perhaps a toast was made in remembrance of the loved one in the portrait, the glass long since washed and on the drain board.  The dog tags gotten out, old memories remembered, then left to be put away another day.  The veteran’s face left featureless so that the viewer could supply any face they wished.

Simple but I find profound!

enjoy your weekend,


© Out Of My Mind Images 2014

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