International Women’s Day…

8 March 2014

Remembering the women in my life…

grandma B.

grandma B.

Grandma B. worked as a school teacher before she married.  After she married, she reared nine children, often caring for them by herself, as my granddaddy was frequently absent with his job as a postman on the railroad.

grandma M.

grandma M.

Grandma M. worked as a secretary before marrying.  She reared seven children, losing one to “summer complaint” when he was a boy.  She assisted my granddaddy with family finances by working as an elocution teacher and a typist.



Mom worked as a secretary before marrying.  When my sister and I were young, we moved to rural Virginia so Mom could care for her three elderly aunts.  For five years she took care of her two children and her three aunts pretty much by herself, as my Dad was only home on weekends.  Over the years she worked as a PTA volunteer, a census taker, a secretary, a volunteer with local Senior Citizen Centers.

These three women took care of their families first…I know (because they told me) that at least two of them would have liked to pursue a career outside the home or even instead of the home.  Between the 1890s and the 1930s their families and society itself expected/demanded that these women become stay-at-home wives and mothers.  These women weren’t trend setters, they acquiesced.

Beyond their families these three women were concerned about their fellow human beings…I honor them for their contributions to life.


Information about International Women’s Day – Wikipedia.

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