After all the “Flying Purple People Eater” was purple and “The Little Blue Man” was, well, blue… BUT…

somewhere along the way most aliens were thought of and depicted as being green…Wikipedia’s info. on “little green men” can be found here.

Since I grew up with little green men insinuating themselves into my imagination…here’s mine…though he doesn’t appear so little 🙂

my green alien

my green alien

I first drew him in 2012, during the time that Out Of My Mind Images was born.  So, recently, after I found myself in possession of a fantastic Moleskine (my first), I was very leery of drawing in it and messing it up.  I went to my old lined notebooks for some inspiration and found my somewhat green alien friend.

original alien

original alien

His expression appears to be one of immense surprise, I’m sure he must have been quite shocked to find a human (an alien in his world) standing before him…a very non-green alien.  What I’m hoping is, is that those hands aren’t electrified and the head tentacles aren’t there to vacuum out brains.

Finally, there’s my head “shot” of a somewhat more scary green creature, I’ve apparently labeled him a MONSTER…

green monster

green monster

My what big teeth you have little green man, maybe you’re not an alien at all!  I’m really loving your orange eyes, purple tongue and blue hair…but the teeth…not so much!

spaceship bound for earth

spaceship bound for earth

I think it’s time to leave…let’s make a run for it…want to catch that last spaceship bound for earth…

Bye, bye little green, possibly, alien men…see you soon,


One thought on “are ALIENS…

  1. This has got me in midn to watch a bunch of sci-fi movies now…so I will as it is Saturday and i don’t have to be up early tomorrow….perhaps Alien is to obvious though.


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