black and white photographs

January 2014

coming going waiting

coming going waiting



"gimme a coat it's cold out here"

“gimme a coat it’s cold out here”

As much as I love color photographs, I love black and white (and gray tones) more!

For me, I believe, it is the moodiness of it that appeals.  My eyes aren’t darting around taking in all the many, many colors…they’re slowed, calmed into seeing life more simply, more emotionally.

Black and white, with some occasional rust and/or turquoise, are the colors I’m pursuing for the year 2014.  My home decor, my apparel and my photographs will reflect this!

Enjoy your Tuesday,


PS:  My inspiration, Ansel Adams!




3 thoughts on “black and white photographs

  1. i just finished a biography of Georgia O’Keeffe and was delighted to find out that she knew Ansel Adams. I also read that she wore primarily black and white. Her vivid colours were reserved for her paintings. Your photos are amazing!


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