Kerosene Road Torches


Found these at my hairstylist ~ The Hair Jungle ~ and I’m thinking these look like the things (couldn’t remember what they were called) that the highway department used to use (back in the dark ages) to alert drivers to dangers along the roadway at night.  And sure enough I was right, however, I’m thinking, “wow, they used to use these torches with open flames right out on public roads”…no way that would happen in this day and age…well not in the USA anyway.

While life was more risky years ago, it was also infinitely more interesting!

If you want to look up “kerosene road torches” you’ll also find them called:  smudge pots, kerosene road hazard markers, kerosene road torches, etc. and if you want to own one or more you’ll find hundreds of them for sale on eBay 🙂

As for me, I found the above scene with the turquoise and chartreuse torches quite appealing!

Enjoy your Friday,


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