a lot going on in my life right now

I apologize for not “visiting” very much recently…as my title says “a lot going on in my life right now”…I’ve been fighting depression ever since my husband died in October of 2009, I’m trying to buy a house so Baron (dachshund) and I will have a yard to enjoy, I’ve been taking more photos and doodling less!

I have deleted my Google account…so that email and blog are gone…no need to try any links to my Google blog or email that may be found in my past WordPress posts..

Also I want to apologize to all who have chosen me, in recent months, to be the recipient of a blog award(s).  While I am honored that you’ve chosen me, I’ve decided to no longer accept awards.  I thank you kindly and humbly for thinking of me.

I will check my old doodles and see if I have some I’ve overlooked…I’ll post them if found. And I’ll try to doodle some new OOMMIs…I have doctor appointments coming up over the next 3 months…I’ll make use of my wait time by doodling (after all that’s how this blog started) :).

Thank you for visiting my blog and being an online friend,


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