using “old” Kindle



OOMMI was feeling patriotic today 🙂




Used to hate to shell peas when I was a child, now I wish I had homegrown peas to shell, cook and eat 🙂




Love hot air balloons, they ballooned occasionally where I used to live in Arizona.  It was marvelous seeing them floating across the valley 😉

I’ve been grandkid sitting off and on the past few days so haven’t been paying attention to the weather, I get the feeling it hasn’t cooled off much, if any, around the world.  It was horribly humid here today, I spent a little time outside with the g’kids, I’m not sure but I think I melted 🙂

I’ll try to get around to visit sometime tomorrow, thank you all for your visits and comments, very appreciated!!!

© 2013 OOMMI

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