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I’m unable to see the title for my previous post…is this something new WordPress is doing?  Also I have a new little icon in the place where the title should be.  Very curious!!!

I’ve been watching Star Trek: Voyager reruns for the past couple of weeks…these 2 ladies were doodled while under the influence of STV 🙂




wishing you a peaceful week 🙂

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Fantasy and other doodles




In the photo above, the darkness on the right side happened when I took the photograph of the drawing.  Adds a more moody look to the “Fantasy.”



“Lady Blue” who is, apparently, a CAT 🙂



and “Jerome” who has chipmunk jaws and rather interesting eyes.

It’s always somewhat of a surprise to me to see what actually appears when I doodle/draw/sketch.  I found these 3 quite fun 🙂

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have a good Thursday!

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weekend doodles


Naomi, of the mountains



Once again I’m trying to use up the paper I have on hand, this is a tablet of drawing paper I bought at the grocery store 🙂  It’s rather an odd color, certainly not gray as it looks in the photos of my doodles.  It has a rather interesting “tooth” and is rather flimsy and fragile.  It’s available, so I’m using it.

Hope everyone had a peaceful, restful, restoring weekend,

magnoliamoonpie aka Theanne

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have Kindle…will doodle :)



magnolias on the quay


seeing stars




tightrope walker

(two of my guys have no ear…don’t ask me…I’m only the doodler)

Feeling better, no more crazy stunts like going to the beach, in the middle of an August day, on an empty stomach, pushing a doggie stroller in the (packed) sand (with grass) with a 20+ pound dog aboard.  The only right thing I did was carry water for Baron and me 🙂

In case you wonder why the doggie stroller…Baron is a long haired dachshund…when we go to the beach if I let him walk in the grass, at all, his legs and paws are immediately full of burrs.  Horrible little things that take forever to get rid of (unless cut out) and are particularly obnoxious if the fur is wet.  So far, because of not being in the grass, this time I’ve only found a couple and haven’t seen him chewing his feet at all.  Apparently something good did come of this fiasco…plus Baron got to swim in the gulf.  He loves the water, if he’s not being washed…go figure 🙂

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found 2 ladies

Every now and then I go through my doodles to see if I’ve posted all the ones created in notebooks…I found 2 more…





I believe I have a few more left…just a matter of checking what I’ve already uploaded.  I should have tried one looking into a mirror, the top one would have been perfect for that.  If I ever start creating ladies again I’ll give the mirror image a try.

Hope you’re having an enjoyable weekend!

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using “old” Kindle



OOMMI was feeling patriotic today 🙂




Used to hate to shell peas when I was a child, now I wish I had homegrown peas to shell, cook and eat 🙂




Love hot air balloons, they ballooned occasionally where I used to live in Arizona.  It was marvelous seeing them floating across the valley 😉

I’ve been grandkid sitting off and on the past few days so haven’t been paying attention to the weather, I get the feeling it hasn’t cooled off much, if any, around the world.  It was horribly humid here today, I spent a little time outside with the g’kids, I’m not sure but I think I melted 🙂

I’ll try to get around to visit sometime tomorrow, thank you all for your visits and comments, very appreciated!!!

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