doodles to put you (me) to sleep

I doodle in my Kindle at night to put myself to sleep…it works almost every time…of course when it does I wake up about 0300, light still on and still holding my Kindle πŸ™‚


moon (plane and ship) Β (I haven’t figure out why this looks so blurry):


the Singing Sisters


newly painted…the red barn

I’m still learning what the different apps can and can’t do…and what happens when you use two different apps for the same doodle. Β Now if I can just remember what I did when a doodle turns out kind of COOL!!!

Hope everyone is COOL…we’re still getting rain almost every day…which is a good thing when you live where the soil is mainly sand!

Have a good Tuesday (or Wednesday) wherever you are!

Please note: Β Now (since the Royal Baby has arrived) would be a good time to go over to Nick Rokicki‘s blog “Pete the Popcorn” and check out his newest book “First Photo of The Royal Baby” written by Nick Rokicki and Joseph Kelley, illustrated by Ronaldo Florendo. The link to isΒ

This is an excellent book to teach young children the value of a smile, while you’re at Nick’s check out his other children’s books πŸ™‚

Β© 2013 OOMMI

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