doodling some coolness


1.  if it’s wet, jump in it or if there’s not enough of it, just spritz it over your bod 🙂  I think the misting fans are delightful, there’s one at Walmart here


2.  if you have a working AC, cherish it, there are those who currently have non-existent or non-functioning AC (have 2 blog friends who are experiencing AC probs…YIKES!!)  no AC?  I refer you to #1 and #3


3.  shade is great as long as there’re no insects to nibble on you…mosquitoes and gnats usually don’t come out till evening…so during the day, enjoy that shade!!  just watch the animals…out west a lot of cows can find shade under one little mesquite tree

4.  and keep drinking that water!  when I lived in Arizona, every summer an advisory would come out warning people to carry plenty of water with them if hiking in the desert…they suggested 3 gallons of water, per day, per person (how you manage that if hiking I don’t know) and an Army (non-government) “Study Guide” for “water usage in desert operations” is even more complicated, if you’re interested, read it here

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