whoops…I forgot the title :)


really…I don’t know why laundry keeps coming to mind

(my laundry is done BTW 🙂


every now and then I think “wouldn’t it be nice to grill some veggies”

(don’t have a grill ~ have a little propane thing to use if the power’s out after a hurricane)


I like owls !!

(this one looks a bit cantankerous 🙂


reminds me of the song that included the words

“know when to walk away and know when to run”

(Kenny Rogers ~ “The Gambler”)

(I like how just one line over an eye can signify either fear or anger)

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

tomorrow is PARTY day

celebrating the BIG

>>>>>> 71 <<<<<<

who’d a thought?!!!!


© 2013 OOMMI

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