a 50s kind of girl


after I drew this I started thinking about the fact that I really am a 50s kind of girl, so I went through my photo archives and found this…


My Dad took this shot (this is a photo of a photo) when I was 16 or 17 which puts me right in the middle of the 50s 🙂  I’m not sure where that hat came from…a hand-me-down from someone I believe.  But it was blue and the dress was shades of blue and green so they went well with each other.

I realized after I was done with my “50s kind of girl” that I forgot to give her a pocket book, remembered the gloves and the pearls…but no pocket book, I mean where’s a girl meant to but her lace trimmed hanky? or her compact? or her lipstick?

Dressing a 50s kind of girl could get complicated…it was a nice look though, rarely seen now except on a fashion show runway!

Hope you’re having a good weekend…the grandkid sitting is going well…thank goodness I’m sharing with an aunt and uncle.  Last night I was BEAT!!!

© 2013 OOMMI


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