OOMMIs for July 9th




“sauteed” and “water” ~ Mobile Sketchbook Kindle app


“strawberries” ~ Drawing Pad Kindle app


“play” ~ ZenBrush Kindle app

Of all the “art” apps I’ve loaded into my Kindle, Mobile Sketchbook is still my favorite!

Drawing Pad is fun, not quite as sophisticated as Mobile Sketchbook.

I’m still learning to use ZenBrush and like the simplicity of it.

Stay calm and doodle an OOMMI πŸ™‚

next up

who knows?!

Β© 2013 OOMMI

2 thoughts on “OOMMIs for July 9th

    • Haven’t heard of any flooding…mainly heavy showers in the afternoon…though none today (so far). Our dirt here is mainly sand so water doesn’t stand long before it’s gone…unless there’s a hurricane and the water is unable to run off or be absorbed. We’re only a month into hurricane season…so still 5 months to go when condition in the Atlantic are conducive to producing one. Hope your garden is producing nicely…you always have such beautiful fruits and vegetables πŸ™‚


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