“moustache man” while cleaning out doodle and photo files.

It’s amazing how quickly photos accumulate (in my computer anyway) and trying to get them deleted down to a manageable level is deadly dull.  How am I meant to instantly remember why I’ve kept a photo for years…all I do know is…within in a month of deleting it I’ll be looking for it to use….arrrrgh 😦

Anyway, “moustache man” was the left side of a header for another blog, I don’t believe I ever used it…so he lay around…unnoticed and unneeded.  Until now, when I decided to crop him and give him his 15 minutes of fame 🙂

© 2013 OOMMI

4 thoughts on “found

  1. Haha! I like mustache man he has a kind of resigned ‘lived in’ look about his face 🙂 I wonder if we all have trouble keeping our files in order, just the other day I was looking for a certain shot that I wanted to enter into a portrait competition..gone, searched for hours with no luck, I was so fed up! I knew you would appreciate the colours of the birds Theanne, but it’s the post I’m putting up in half an hour that I think you’ll appreciate, a mural painted for me by my very talented niece, oh to be able to paint like you guys would be fantastic.


    • oh Grace, I’ve been trying for the last month to organize color photos, black and white photos, Kindle drawings, computer drawings, and the list goes on…plus I have files on a removeable hard drive that I’ve been working on today…YIKES!!! I’m coming over in just a minute to look at your niece’s art work 🙂


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