“faces in the floor”

sharing this from my Tumblr blog ~ Spaceship Earth

I absolutely LOVE that human beings see faces in inanimate objects

toward the end of his life, my Dad told me that he saw

faces in the letters of the words in the books he was reading


a neurological explanation I’m sure but fascinating

none the less

© 2013 OOMMI

FYI ~ I’m a purger and today I’ll be purging some of my old posts

2 thoughts on “sharing

  1. It’s called pareidolia and it also happens to me all the time ever since I was young. In fact, if I really tried hard enough, I can see faces in any pattern! Thanks for this post! It reminded me that I’ve also got to post something about this phenomenon. 🙂


    • didn’t know the name…thanks…I’ll look it up now…I haven’t had what my Dad described…yet…however I too have seen faces, everywhere and in everything since I was a child…I enjoy it…when I saw the face in my almost new floor covering…I decided I need to photograph what I see and then enhance it so others can see too…great to hear from you 🙂


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