Can Can


Can Can music to play while you’re reading, it rather sets the mood 🙂

I took ballet and tap when I was 7, along with some of the other little girls in the neighborhood.  After that when asked what I wanted to do when I grew up, I gave 3 answers:  an artist, a ballerina, a secretary.  As I sped along into my teen years it was a toss up between being a ballerina or an artist (the kind that starved in a garret).  As far as dancing went, it was all happening in my head…I never took another dance lesson…that didn’t stop my imagination or the constant dancing around the house and the yard like a teen possessed.  I wanted to run away from home and go to NEW YORK CITY…me who’d never been further north than Richmond, Virginia and NEVER anywhere by myself 😀

My father stuck pins in my ballet balloon when he told me I had no self-discipline…he was right, at the time.  Ballet is at least 95 per cent discipline 😦  But through it all I loved the Can Can…my version…by high school I became brave enough to audition for a musical that was being put on…I didn’t make the cut.  Why?  because for all those years that I loved the Can Can, I was always dancing my version…never doing exercises so I could kick higher or practicing with a chorus line…with a team.  I think right there I learned how important practice is and what it means to be a part of a team…where everyone has to pull their weight.

I’ve always loved dance, respected dancers, now I draw dancers…they do what I never could do and never did!

© 2013 OOMMI

5 thoughts on “Can Can

  1. I couldn’t help smiling when I read your three choices Theanne.. artist, without a doubt..dancer, why not..secreatry…..what the!! no way, you are waaaay to artistic to sit in an office and type all day. j’adore your painting of the can can dancers, if I could buy it and frame it I would, reminds me of my trip to Moulin Rouge in Paris, fabulous!


    • I’ll send you a copy of the “can can girls”! because I didn’t follow my heart as a young adult I ended up over the years in “jobs” that never satisfied and yes the career choice I came closest to was…secretary…YIKES!!! so I’m playing 50 years of catch up 😀


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