grandkid sat today and will again on Wednesday,

the summer kid sitter took a break to attend a family wedding 🙂


bath…he’s thinking primitive, hand pump and tub 🙂


“Art” surrounded by ART…he seems quite entranced, me I love the color

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potentially over it

mainly my photos but I threw in an OOMMI to add some spice


I drew this to entertain the 3 going on 4 year old,

he didn’t like it in the beginning,

but as it progressed he decided he did like it and approved my color choices for eyes, tongue and hair 🙂

I do enjoy drawing my little doodles and am thankful I am able!!!

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grandkid sitting doodles



(practice using 1 stroke to do face, neck, shoulders)


“sports car”

grandson (3 going on 4 in October) picked the hot pink color for the car

(he kept telling me I’d messed it up, what I want to know is “where’s the driver?”)



I’ve been creating these round eyed women lately, who knows…it just happens!!

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Thank you so much for responding to the reblog of “Giving Hope”

posted by “annetbell” at http://talesalongtheway.com !!

She was very appreciative 🙂

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Giving Hope

OOMMI invites you to meet a real life hero, Sarah Schoof, nurse practitioner, who runs a Free Clinic in Albany, New York.

This post was authored by “annetbell,” whose blog is titled TalesAlongTheWay, have a read.



What would you do if you had no home, were sick, living in your car or on the street with no phone and very little money?  I am not talking about India today, but about America.  There are people who exist like this in Albany, the capital of New York State. There is, though,  a beacon of hope and help in the middle of a neighborhood with many challenges for the people living there.  I visited yesterday to see the Free Clinic which is part of the Capital City Rescue Mission.HPIM0600

Sarah Schoof, nurse practitioner, has been running this Free Clinic for almost 10 years.  She is also a qualified nurse for travel medications and inoculations, and she has a long history in helping the needy with her medical training.  She and her husband were involved with helping the poor in Kenya for many years and, she worked in a…

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doodles to put you (me) to sleep

I doodle in my Kindle at night to put myself to sleep…it works almost every time…of course when it does I wake up about 0300, light still on and still holding my Kindle 🙂


moon (plane and ship)  (I haven’t figure out why this looks so blurry):


the Singing Sisters


newly painted…the red barn

I’m still learning what the different apps can and can’t do…and what happens when you use two different apps for the same doodle.  Now if I can just remember what I did when a doodle turns out kind of COOL!!!

Hope everyone is COOL…we’re still getting rain almost every day…which is a good thing when you live where the soil is mainly sand!

Have a good Tuesday (or Wednesday) wherever you are!

Please note:  Now (since the Royal Baby has arrived) would be a good time to go over to Nick Rokicki‘s blog “Pete the Popcorn” and check out his newest book “First Photo of The Royal Baby” written by Nick Rokicki and Joseph Kelley, illustrated by Ronaldo Florendo. The link to Amazon.com is http://www.amazon.com/First-Photo-Royal-Baby-Flashy/dp/1484011511/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1374525995&sr=8-1&keywords=first+photo+of+the+royal+baby

This is an excellent book to teach young children the value of a smile, while you’re at Nick’s check out his other children’s books 🙂

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you are my sunshine

and I so much enjoy your visits!



I’m cleaning out (and reorganizing…again) the images and photos in my computer…trying to use any I haven’t used before.  And this sunny image caught my eye…maybe not entirely appropriate given the heat wave in many parts of the world.  But his colors are cheerful and he made me feel a bit happier, so for today he is my sunshine!!

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doodling some coolness


1.  if it’s wet, jump in it or if there’s not enough of it, just spritz it over your bod 🙂  I think the misting fans are delightful, there’s one at Walmart here


2.  if you have a working AC, cherish it, there are those who currently have non-existent or non-functioning AC (have 2 blog friends who are experiencing AC probs…YIKES!!)  no AC?  I refer you to #1 and #3


3.  shade is great as long as there’re no insects to nibble on you…mosquitoes and gnats usually don’t come out till evening…so during the day, enjoy that shade!!  just watch the animals…out west a lot of cows can find shade under one little mesquite tree

4.  and keep drinking that water!  when I lived in Arizona, every summer an advisory would come out warning people to carry plenty of water with them if hiking in the desert…they suggested 3 gallons of water, per day, per person (how you manage that if hiking I don’t know) and an Army (non-government) “Study Guide” for “water usage in desert operations” is even more complicated, if you’re interested, read it here

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it’s HOT


Climate change is happening, I believe that…but heat waves were around when I was a kid.  Just not so HOT and not so wide spread around the globe.  The hottest summer temperature I remember, (when I was a child in southern Virginia), was 105 degrees Fahrenheit.  And while there were drought conditions during several summers as I was growing up, we were fortunate to live in a rural area and to have access to a river (for swimming) just a mile behind our home.

So if you’re suffering from the heat, just know I’m thinking of you and hoping there are ways available to you to cool down.  Most importantly don’t forget to drink lots of water 🙂

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photo op ~ no doodles today



birthday supper at the Olive Garden




no vanilla ice cream but the raspberry cheesecake more than made up for it

(not sure why g’son has ears covered, did he think the cake was going to explode OR maybe he didn’t like the singing)




the family 🙂

a good time was had by all…hope you had a good time too 🙂


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