“ancient” angels


fantastic…”Ā© 1999 TLC’s Rainbow Writings”…fourteen years ago…I’d almost forgotten about my Rainbow Writings website…this is one of the first images I ever created using my computer and my brand new Paint Shop Pro v5 by Jasc Software, Inc. (Jasc has since been bought out by Corel)…as you can tell I had a lot of fun using “smear” “smudge” and “burn”

around the same time I also learned about pixel x pixel art as I had made some online friends who created graphics this way…so I tried it out…with more angels

meet “Gentlewind”…my long ago website angel


I created her pixel x pixel and then ran her through PSP to add some different effects, the next angel was created completely pixel x pixel, no add ons šŸ™‚


sometime through the years I forgot to save this angel as a .gif and she lost her transparent backgound…and poor dear she never was given a name šŸ™‚

there’s a young man on Tumblr who does all of his art work pixel by pixel and most of it is animated…someone who viewed the site said it gave them a headache…but it is seriously interesting, I can’t imagine how he does such intricate work without it taking huge amounts of time…maybe he has better software than I did back in the “dark ages” šŸ™‚

Ā© 2013 OOMMI

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