a sketch…

of a man in Greece

the original sketch I made was from a photo taken by Robert Geiss…Robert can be found at Facebook…here  He is a freelance photographer living in Greece.

I have permission from Robert to use the photo to sketch from…no permission for posting it on the web 😦

I made this sketch using the original sketch, and red, brown and black sketching lead 🙂


Same sketch, however, the P&S camera I used to shoot this one was set to B&W.


I added the reflection in the eye using computer software, tried using the white sketching lead but it didn’t work.

I’ll be sketching this face again…a very powerful face with intense eyes…a man on the street in Greece…photo taken several months ago.

© 2013 OOMMI

5 thoughts on “a sketch…

  1. Eraser If you practice with charcoal for a while you will find that you use the erasers a lot. Then you can use it for hard edge sketches, when you know how graphite and paper and colored pencils and the different eraser respond. Practice techniques on scraps, first. White pencil, most likely will get smeary on top of the black, depending on what you use. Just some thoughts. I like the red sketch a great deal. He looks a lot like someone I used to know in Tallahassee, 20+ years ago. You have some beautiful work shared in this blog. Thank you. — Bear


    • thank you for the helpful information…this is something (the sketching) that I’m just getting back to since high school…a long, long, long time ago 🙂 so practice is definitely needed, that’s why I want to keep trying this man in different media 🙂 Robert Geiss is an excellent B&W Photographer…he finds emotion and captures it to share with others 🙂 I appreciate him allowing me to use his photo as a subject!! and I thank you again!


      • Personally I think your sketch without photowhatsit is worthy of display sans eye sparkles. As is. maybe a frame to protect it. When learning erasers think: Drawing the light, rather than drawing the shadows. You certainly do have a wide range of skills to carry your passion. Thank you for making a blog. — Bear


      • now you know how stupid am I? 😀 I have “millions” of erasers all types and sizes and do you know it never once occurred to me to erase…I’m thumping myself in the forehead going…”idiot, idiot” BIG time brain freeze…I don’t think I’d enjoy life much without at least one page on one blog 🙂 Thank you again!!!


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