more practice with the watercolor pencils…I’m finding it difficult to cover large areas and not have them look splotchy…so next time I’m going to try watercolors for large areas and watercolor pencils for smaller areas AND/OR I’ll try doing some quick sketches and ONLY use the watercolor pencils for highlighting some areas

love the “joy” smile and I’m really loving that apple πŸ˜€

QUESTION: Β what is the little item on the table in the still life? Β sorry no giveaways for a correct answer…just curious if anyone knows

have a JOYFUL weekend πŸ™‚

Β© 2013 OOMMI

11 thoughts on “joy

  1. Same experiences here with the watercolor pencils and I think I’m on the same page as you in using them in small areas. I have found that going back over the area after it dries will “help” blend in and smooth out some splotches…BUT! Really like these sketches. I still like using the watercolor pencils.


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